We are now part of the Copernicus Relays Network

We are extremely happy to announce that Pixel Company is now officially part of the Copernicus Relays network. It consists of organizations that contribute to the promotion of the Copernicus program – an activity we have been doing since the company was founded.

Through our work we will continue to promote Copernicus as a sustainable source of complete, free, open
and reliable data and information to meet the needs of national / regional / local public organisations. The main priority is to support the development of services with high commercial potential by local entrepreneurs.

How can we help you?

So far, we have conducted numerous trainings for various organizations – schools, media, representatives of national and local authorities. You can contact us if you need assistance in exploiting the huge potential of Copernicus services, such as:

  • working with satellite data from Sentinel satellites and their products;
  • improving public awareness through the use of products and platforms with ready-made data
  • working with climate data and services related to the Green Deal
  • using data and services by media and educational organizations

If you want us to organize an event, training or to consult you, contact us at weare@pixelcompanystudio.com. We’ll be happy to help you!

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