Success story – The map that brings people together

The Challenge

In the spring of 2019 I was contacted by an inspiring woman, who lives in Frankfurt, Germany. She told me that she and her neighbours want to bring all the people in their neighbourhood together near a small building that was going to be the center point of their activities. She knew that I was making colorful city maps and asked me to help them with a map of their neighbourhood.

I was so happy, because I have always loved maps and in this case it was a map that was supposed to bring people together and spark joy in their neighbourhood.

The result

So after several emails they said that they like the design! And after several weeks I saw my map on the wall of this small building!

I have never thought that I will design a map which will be placed on a building 🙂


They organised parties, events and workshops near it.



Maps could bring people together! Nowadays, when we use only digital mapping apps, it’s clear more than ever that maps have a new role in our lives – to bring joy, to remind us our birthplace, our home or our country.

You can find more information about Saloony and their projects here.

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