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Our trainings are interactive, innovative and introduce the participants to the latest technological tools.

In 2019, we trained 50 people in face-to-face form, seminars, workshops and online, and for the first half of 2020 their number is approaching 500. We have issued 172 certificates for successfully completed training of people who have successfully finished all tasks in our courses.

20 of them are Certificates providing 3 educational credits to teachers from all over the country.

The company is ISO 9001: 2015 certified for developing, organizing and conducting specialized trainings.


Digital geographic program
The program consists of 8 modules and is tailored for beginners in the field of geospatial innovations and technologies. It has a hollistic approach, many practicals and video content.
VR lessons
In this course users learn how to use virtual reality to create and present lessons to students. It’s super interactive and one of our client’s favorites courses.
Storytelling with geospatial technologies
In this four-modules course we present the idea of storytelling through GIS, Earth Observation tools and data.
Interactive data visualization
In this course we offer users different points of view to data. It’s perfect for teachers and students in the upper level of secondary education or university students.